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Ginseng Cultivation Machine, Ginseng Sapling Transplanter

Ginseng Sapling Transplanter

In an automatic ginseng sapling transplanter, a ginseng sapling is fed upside down one by one into the funnel, rotated half round by a proximity sensor and planted into a 20cm deep furrow at an angle of 45˚. The work efficiency is 240~300㎡/day.
Ginseng Cultivation Machine, Sowing-in-cluster type Transplanter

Sowing-in-cluster type Transplanter

This transplanter digs and buries on a line-by-line basis. There are 6~8 types available, among which the user can choose to use for his own purpose. Employing an engine gets rid of inconveniences caused by use of electricity and enables an operation at ginseng field. The work efficiency is 90~120㎡/day.
Ginseng Cultivation Equipment, Ginseng Seeder

Ginseng Seeder

Appliable to direct sowing and indirect sowing. Sowing is conducted at 2.5~3cm intervals for indirect sowing, and at 9cm, 12cm, 15cm or 18cm intervals for direct sowing. Work efficiency is 242㎡/day for indirect sowing and 606㎡/day for direct sowing.
Ginseng Cultivating Equipment, Quarrying machine

Quarrying machine

Developed to enhance the efficiency of an ginseng sapling transplanter, quarrying machine is used to clear large and small stones from the ridges of the field before transplanting ginseng seedlings.
Ginseng Cultivating Equipment, Non-powered Vinyl Covering Device

Non-powered Vinyl Covering Device

A non-powered vinyl covering device can be used conveniently without a power unit and is so light and easily movable that two persons can achieve more than 180㎡ per hour.
Ginseng Cultivating Equipment, Wide Width Vinyl Covering Device

Wide Width Vinyl Covering Device

It is specially made to cover a wide width vinyl more conveniently by improving the existing vinyl covering device.
Ginseng Cultivating Equipment, Non - powered vinyl Covering Device 4~8 Feet Option

Non - powered vinyl Covering Device 4~8 Feet Option

It is the 4~8 feet option for the non-powered vinyl covering device.